ABOUT THE COMPANY: ÖZYURT A.Ş. aims to be the leading company in the Turkish ready mixed concrete industry, stone quarry operations, asphalt production, construction commitment projects and concrete component projects. It will achieve this through the quality products and services it offers customers, the respect it has for society and the environment, the continuous research and development it undertakes, the added value it brings to its employees and its modern management techniques that enhance productivity.

Özyurt A.Ş. The Turkish Aggregate and Concrete group operates with 1100 employees and accounts for 40% of total sales. The company moves toward the future with assured steps thanks to its facilities equipped with the latest technology in aggregate and concrete activities. Our goal is to leave future generations with clean and modern works that do not have infrastructure, transportation or technology issues.

A company that undertakes all kinds of infrastructure and road pavement projects, Özyurt A.Ş. also carries out official commitment projects and ready-delivery construction projects for the private sector through its subsidiary, the ARCHITECTURAL AND STATIC PROJECT GROUP, which has been going strong since 1997. As an example, we built the Gaziosmanpaşa Square intersection and environmental planning project carried out with the latest technology with construction materials that we manufactured. We've completed infrastructure and pavement construction projects (Gaziosmanpaşa Square underpass and overpass, Küçükköy intersection underpass and overpass, Metris intersection underpass and overpass, Formula 1 connection routes, the 850-business cooperative for Ikitelli Kitchen Supplies Construction Cooperative partners), with all of the architectural design and static projects for these works completed by our firm. Additionally, we have done roadside curb and environmental planning projects that utilize materials manufactured by our firm. In addition to official commitment projects for the municipality and related institutions, we've also done commitment projects for the private sector.


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